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Happening Today: AAJ Members Participate in Law360's Twitter Chat on Products Liability

AAJ members Jonathan Shub, Mark Chalos, and Mike Andrews will be participating in an hour-long live Twitter chat about product liability cases starting at noon EST. Be sure to follow the chat by searching the hashtag #Law360chat (

Schwab Drops Anti-Investor Provision

Brokerage firm, Charles Schwab, announced on April 24th that as part of a settlement with the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, Inc. (Finra), Charles Schwab would drop a provision in its consumer agreement that eliminated customers' rights.

We are encouraged by Charles Schwab's decision to remove a controversial provision from its consumer agreement that eliminated the rights of investors to join together to seek accountability in court. Charles Schwab's move signals that corporations are beginning to yield to the groundswell of public outrage at their anti-consumer policies.

Victory for Consumer Rights: General Mills Drops its Forced Arbitration Clause

General Mills announced on April 19, 2014 that it removed a forced arbitration clause in its terms of service. Forced arbitration is an abusive practice where corporations force customers into a dispute mill that is rigged and secretive.  The corporations pick the arbitrator and the arbitrator's decision is final - you have no ability to appeal or ever go to court.

USA Today LTE: Accountability Keeps Americans Safe

More than 98,000 people die every year because of preventable medical errors–making it the sixth leading cause of death in the United States.

Despite this serious epidemic, corporate front groups are working hard in the U.S. Congress and state legislatures throughout the country to limit accountability and access to the civil justice system when patients are harmed or killed by medical errors.

AAJ's Trial Magazine Wins Apex Award

AAJ’s Publications Department is happy to announce that Trial magazine has won an Apex Award of Excellence for its October 2012 issue on Representing the Elderly. Trial is the journal of the American Association for Justice, and each issue of the magazine focuses on a different theme.

Burton LeBlanc sworn in as President of National Trial Bar

AAJ swears in new president, Burton LeBlanc, and welcomes a new set of officers President-Elect Lisa Blue Baron, Vice-President Larry Tawwater, Secretary Julie Braman Kane, Treasurer Kathleen and Parliamentarian Elise Sanguinetti.

AAJ Highway Safety Advocates Take to the Hill

Every year over 3,000 people died in trucking accidents in the U.S.  Today, members of AAJ’s trucking litigation group traveled to Washington, D.C. to advocate for their clients who are killed and injured in trucking accidents and call on Congress to improve safety in the trucking industry.  

In one-on-one meetings, AAJ’s attorneys asked Members of Congress to raise an outdated 30 year old insurance limit on tractor trailers.  Fatal truck crashes costs approximately $4.3 million in direct costs today, but the insurance minimum for trucks has remained at $750,000 since 1980.  Without adequate insurance limits for the trucking industry, all consumers pay the price when a vehicle and truck collide.  

Helping Tornado Victims in Oklahoma

A massive tornado has ripped through a suburb of Oklahoma City, leaving dozens dead and injured. Many AAJ members have emailed, asking how they can help. Here are some suggestions.

Elected officials must ensure that equality is not just an idea, but a reality

Happy National Law Day! This year’s theme is “Realizing the Dream: Equality for All.”

AAJ President Mary Alice McLarty comment on this year’s theme:

“A cornerstone of equality and civil rights in America is the Constitutional right of individuals to have their claims heard by an impartial judge and jury through the civil justice system. This gives all Americans the power and ability to ensure their rights are upheld. As President John Adams said, 'Representative government and trial by jury are the heart and lungs of liberty.’”

Be sure to read AAJ’s full statement and learn more about National Law Day.

AAJ President Named Top 100 Most Influential Lawyers in America

Mary Alice McLarty, AAJ’s president, has been honored by The National Law Journal as one of the 100 most influential lawyers in America.  The National Law Journal writes:

Mary Alice McLarty's election last year as president of the American Association Justice made her Public Enemy No. 1 to the forces of "tort reform"—and the prime defender of the right to seek redress in court. The focus for now is in "Take Justice Back," an online campaign targeting government and corporate accountability for preventable medical errors, generic drug labels and more. McLarty, 66, practices law at McLarty Pope in Dallas, is an op-ed contributor to CNN and is frequently quoted in the news media. And she didn't even attend law school or obtain her law license until her mid-30s. How's that for a role model?