An Update on How You Can Help Survivors in NJ, NY, & CT

The superstorm that hit the Eastern Seaboard less than two months ago means many families are still struggling with putting their homes, businesses, and lives back together during the holiday season. Many of you have asked how you can help. Many have also expressed concern and sorrow over the tragedy in Connecticut. We know many of you give to charities at the end of the year and would urge you to donate those funds to the hurricane relief efforts and the Sandy Hook School Support fund. We have received information about how you can help.


AAJ Response on House Passage of the SMART Act

The House of Representatives has passed the Strengthening Medicare and Repaying Taxpayers (SMART) Act, which was co-sponsored by Reps Tim Murphy (R-PA) and Ron Kind (D-WI).

AAJ President Mary Alice McLarty had this to say:

“This bipartisan legislation is a practical solution that will streamline the Medicare Secondary Payer system to ensure that seniors and persons with disabilities get timely assistance and taxpayers are repaid millions of dollars every year.”


Special Trial Magazine Preview: The web of tort ‘reform’

In lieu of our traditional Trial preview, below is an excerpt from an article in the upcoming December issue of Trial, the flagship magazine of the American Association for Justice (AAJ).  Be sure to read the full article, The web of tort ‘reform,” here.


AAJ Resources for Representing Victims of Hurricane Sandy

As many Americans continue to deal with the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, AAJ is offering several resources with practical tips and insights for AAJ member and non-member attorneys representing those affected by the storm.

Free Webinar

Join fellow plaintiff trial lawyers from Florida and Louisiana–well versed in handling post hurricane flood and wind claims–at AAJ’s Representing Victims of Hurricane Sandy Webinar: Obtaining Justice From Insurance Companies.


After the Storm: Tips for Consumers Dealing with Insurance Agencies

The recent snow storm barreling the North East is just the first of many obstacles people affected by Sandy will face as they begin to rebuild their lives.  Some families may be lucky enough to have their claims heard immediately and settled fairly, but this is not always the case; insurance companies are too often eager to profit at the expense of the destitute.  Hurricane Katrina brought many examples of such horrific behavior.


Improv is no joke

When people hear the word improv, often the first thing that comes to mind is comedy. And true enough, actors and comedians use improvisational techniques to make us laugh. But what you may not realize is that improvisation is more than telling jokes—it’s about navigating change, maintaining poise, and thinking on your feet.

AAJ Launches New Campaign to Fight Corporate Efforts to Limit Justice

AAJ has launched an online, grassroots campaign called “Take Justice Back.”  The campaign hit the ground running with an interactive website that educates Americans about the importance of the civil justice system, motivates the public through real stories of people denied justice, engages consumers through social media, and empowers activism.

Be sure to check it out, and let us know what your favorite feature is.
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