WHO's Behind H.R. 4369?

• ALEC and ILR have assisted the asbestos industry in covering up the dangers of asbestos, villainizing the victims, misleading the public with propaganda and working to limit accountability through legislation.

• H.R. 4369 is part of a campaign to let the asbestos industry off the hook by burying the system in paperwork and delaying justice until victims die:

  1. State legislation: In 2007, ALEC adopted the “Asbestos Claims Transparency Act.” This legislation has been introduced in OH, OK, LA, TX, and WV.
  2. Judicial Conference: On November 22, 2010, ILR made a direct appeal to the Judicial Conference to change the rules governing bankruptcy law.
  3. Federal legislation: On April 17, 2012, H.R. 4369 was introduced in the House.

• Asbestos diseases kill nearly 10,000 people every year. The asbestos industry knew of the dangers associated with exposure as early as the 1930's. Asbestos is still legal in the U.S.

• Pulling back the curtain on H.R.4369 shows where transparency is needed – with the asbestos industry and the front groups working on its behalf.